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I first met Ron over 10 years ago when he came to me as a patient, after which I had the privilege of replacing both of his hips. I remember so well how afraid he was on the day of his first surgery, as he almost got up and waked out just prior to his surgery. After trying to allay his fears and giving him a ‘margarita’ (what we call the anesthesia medicine we give people to calm them down), he allowed me to replace his hip. He had such a good experience with his recovery that from that day on, he made it his mission to make sure any patient in Houston (and outside of Houston) came to see me for any type of hip problem. As a matter of fact, I recall a certain patient who came to see me for a hip replacement; when I asked him how he had heard about me, he told me that some ‘crazy guy’ named Ron had chased him down at the airport after noticing him limping, just as he had done prior to his hip replacements.

Over the years Ron got very involved in our research foundation and served as a member of the Board. His level of interest was always great and his contribution to help raise money for the research foundation was relentless. He played an incredible role in the golf tournament yearly, and were it not for him, its success would never have been near the level that it was year after year.

Ron was an extremely gentle man. He always looked out for everyone else and his integrity was exemplary. In short, he was one of the few men I aspired to be like. He made the world a better place on a daily basis. His love for his wife and his children was always palpable.

He was also very funny, and some of the ‘Ronisms’ may not be appropriate to repeat here but made us laugh beyond belief. He was full of life and enjoyed every moment of it. His friendship was unconditional and without boundaries. He was a true friend to me.

Words cannot express the emptiness I feel at the loss of this great friend. I will miss Ron immensely and will hold him and his family dear to my heart, always.

– Stefan Kreuzer, MD

Asking friends to donate instead of complaining about his hip pain and showing up to golf for fundraising was Mr. Ron Ivy’s nature. Doing it, not showing it was his motto. When he bought a Porsche you felt proud – almost like it was your success a friend was driving. Not everyone is lucky to be a successful man and prosper, yet be liked for their personality and humility. Ron was a rare breed.

In life and after he continues to inspire my past with the Research Foundation and my present. Only with our best human behavior can we honor his calling us friends.

– Ashish Arya

Ron exuded warmth and kindness towards everyone, and it didn’t matter if you had known him for 10 minutes, because he made you feel like old friends who had known each other for 10 years. As a new recruit to MBJRF, I didn’t know Ron for very long but I was and continue to be humbled by his generosity and dedication to our shared cause. We have lost a great friend and a true gentleman.

– Stevie Malanka, MD

Ron was one of the most honorable, generous, and kind-hearted men that I have had the pleasure and honor to know. Nothing was too large or too small for Ron to tackle. When he first brought up the idea of a golf tournament for a fundraiser for the Memorial Bone and Joint Research Foundation, I remember thinking to myself what a huge and overwhelming undertaking this would be. I could not have been more wrong. Ron took charge and provided resources every step of the way, always happy to pitch in. Ron had a talent for making every person he knew feel special and valued. He will be greatly missed.

– Suzanne Janacek

I, like most of the research team members, knew Ron through his tireless work to make the research foundation’s annual golf tournament a reality. He never failed to amaze us with the way he was able to rally the troops every single year for a cause he believed in. It’s clear he was so successful in this because he was a man respected by all. I can say with certainty that the research foundation would not be what it is today without Ron’s incredibly big-hearted support.

- David Balderree

Ron Ivy

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